Hasselblad 501cm

Film Fascinations - Hasselblad 501cm

Recently I sold my Hasselblad 501cm in order to buy my Fujifilm X-T20. It was an easy decision because, 1) I am not a film shooter - I only like to experiment with it, 2) Its really expensive to develop 120 film, & 3) I hardly ever used it and it just sat and collected dust.

Last week I gathered up 10 rolls of various different film from various different cameras to get them processed. The film were all exposed no less than 4 years ago. I had been sitting on them for years, never processing them for one reason or another. But last week it was finally time to get them developed and printed.

As previously stated, I am not a film shooter. I know my exposure triangle fairly well and I can compensate for things adequately. That being said I only like to experiment with film. So of course most of my shots were complete bunk. However there were a handful that came out of my old 501cm that I thought were all right.

Just shots of fun times with friends. That's all I ever really want to shoot anyway.