Total Eclipse - An Unbelievable Sight

On the 21st I was fortunate enough to witness "The Great American Eclipse". My house is located roughly 25 miles north of one of the reported spots that would see full totality, so I was able to set up in my garage to see the amazing event take place.

An edited version of one of my shots of the solar eclipse.

An edited version of one of my shots of the solar eclipse.

I was never able to pick up a pair of Eclipse Glasses so I rigged some binoculars to a tripod (I saw this in a YouTube video) to watch the eclipse. The sun was projected onto a piece of printer paper taped to a chair.


I watched as the moon slowly eclipsed the sun over the course of an hour and at 10:18am I was able to capture these images. All of these images were taken with my Fuji X-T20 and my 56mm f/1.2 without any lens filters. I started with a polarizer but it was refracting strangely so I took it off. Most of my settings were on auto because Totality was only supposed to last maybe a minute where I was (In reality it was about 30-40 seconds).

These images are all straight out of camera and cropped about 50%. Shot at 1/100sec @ f/14, ISO 800.

The first image is a few seconds before the total eclipse, the second is maybe one second before it, third is the actual eclipse, and the final one is the moment right after the eclipse.

After I took them I texted them to friends and we traded our images of what we saw. About an hour later, almost as an after thought, I posted them on Twitter on my personal account (@shoujoboi) and they quickly and unexpectedly went viral, gaining an immense amount of likes and retweets. It was pretty insane.

The eclipse was awesome! The experience was not just about seeing the sun, it was much more than that. The temperature dropped, what felt like, 10 degrees. It was so dark that you could see the stars in the day time! All in all it was such a cool experience. Something well worth seeing in person.